In 2014 PNNMP made three grants.  The first, to the Richmond County Museum, was for a secure exhibit case for a rare and historic 18th century silver dog collar.  This belonged to Sir Jonathan Beckwith, born in Richmond county about 1720, who served as sheriff of Richmond County and was a signer of the Northern Neck Declaration protesting against the Stamp Act in 1765.  The second grant was to historic White Marsh Methodist Church to repair three window frames of the 1848 Church.  The third, to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, is to assist in cleaning and restoring two Confederate monuments located in Lancaster and Northumberland Counties.​

​We’re always very interested in grant applications - to apply, please fill out the application below and submit to the PNNMP Grant Committee at Post Office Box 691, Warsaw, VA 22572.  Grants are awarded in the spring at the annual meeting.  The grant recipient must be present to receive the grant at that time.   

In addition to grants, PNNMP undertakes direct projects related to historic preservation.  A major project launched in 2015 was to help stabilize and preserve Rochester House, an original 1746 building in Westmoreland County near Lyells that is listed on both the Virginia and the National Historic Registers.  Another significant past project was the publication of the book Historic Sites In Virginia’s Northern Neck & Essex County.  In 2012, PNNMP excavated the burial vault of Samuel, Martha and Jeremiah Rust, who died between 1718 and 1731. The vault’s history was researched and the vault itself was carefully documented, and then it was re-dedicated in a historical ceremony with some eighty-five persons in attendance and buried again in order to preserve it. 

In 2016, grants were made to Middlesex County Museum and Historical Society for restoration of the Banner of the Company of the 55th Virginia Infantry Regiment, to Leigh Ann and Bill Miller for Kirnan, to work on the plaster due to a leaking chimney, to Mark Jenkins for Woodlawn (Tribble) to help work on the rotting wood and brick foundation, and to Richmond County Museum for shelving and cabinets for storage of documents and library.

March 2015 grants included - to Jim and Pauline Hundley, to assist with preservation of St. Anne's Glebe; to the Essex Museum and Historical Society for the preservation and protection of two wedding dresses; to the Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library to support historic restoration work on the 1830 Lancaster House building; to Saint Mary's Whitechapel Episcopal Church to support the rebuilding of the tomb of Mary Ann Bertrand Ball and to repair the tomb of Jesse Ball; to Peter and Pamela Sullivan, owners of Belle Ville  (an 1826 federal house in Richmond County) to help restore the "overseer's house" dated pre 1830; and to to David Bostic to restore and preserve the original windows of Sexton Hill an early to mid nineteenth century frame house.


 PNNMP provides grants to residents and organizations in the Northern Neck (King George, Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland, and Lancaster counties) and in Essex and Middlesex counties for the preservation of historic structures and resource preservation including, but not limited to, documents, maps, prints, and paintings that preserve the heritage of the area. The total funding availability varies from year to year, but in the past grants have generally ranged from $200 to $1000.  The deadline for 2018 is January 15, and grants will be awarded at the Annual Meeting in March. Applications for the 2019 cycle can be made any time If you have questions, please contact us!

In March 2017, PNNMP made grants to

  • the Women's Club of Lancaster to help with phase II of preserving the exterior of the 1894 Cornwell's Store,
  • the Friends of Belle Isle State Part, to help repair the roofs and fascia of the two dependencies at Belle Isle House (circa 1759/60),
  • Reedville Fishermen's Museum to restore the pilot house of the Herman G. Krentz net fishing vessel, and
  • Christ Church Parish to help with masonry repair of the brick wall surrounding the churchyard.